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More than just fitness studios.

We believe each of us has a fire inside ourselves capable of creating amazing possibilities. Our mission is to stoke your fire, to fan your flames, to get you fired up on life! All Onefire classes are physically and mentally challenging whether you’re a first timer or a veteran. We embrace the challenge because that’s where change happens. And not just physical changes; mental and emotional changes too. With each class we visualize exactly what we want and connect with who we truly are. We tune into our body and connect our breath with movement. We concentrate, we sweat, we work hard and we leave feeling transformed.

Onefire is a training ground for creating new outcomes. Our classes will safely and effectively strengthen your body and mind from the inside out. Our highly trained and motivating instructors will inspire you to do your best. You will be surrounded by people, just like you, embracing challenge, creating change and having fun while doing it. After just a handful of classes you’ll notice everything’s a little brighter. You’ll feel lighter, happier, more confident. You’ll start to understand and experience that everything is possible with a belief in yourself and a plan to take massive action toward your goals.

Together we are one.
Together we are Onefire!

Meet our Team

About the owners

Co-founders Shelby and John Rayner took their first Bikram Yoga class in 2001 and knew they had experienced something special. Despite being active, they had never experienced the challenge, the engagement, the after class high they experienced with Bikram Yoga. They knew they would practice this yoga forever. And they knew they wanted to share it with as many people as possible. In 2007, Onefire was born. In 2015 the Rayner’s were introduced to Inferno Hot Pilates and found it to be an amazing compliment to Bikram Yoga with the same special qualities: challenging, engaging, effective. People’s bodies started changing in front of their eyes. Cyclone Cycling soon followed and added a non-heated, high intensity cardio component to Onefire’s offerings. “We have something for everyone: beginners, athletes, warriors, heated, non-heated, stretching, strengthening, cardio – all under one roof. And we stand behind our classes 100%. We know they work. Our students tell us daily how Onefire classes are changing their lives. And that fires us up! Together, we are Onefire!

Take advantage of $20 off you sign up for unlimited classes!

Ready to step up, make a move, and manifest real results? Then you’re ready for OneFire.

In order to see and feel results, we recommend a minimum of 3 classes a week, but our classes can safely be taken every day. The more you come, the better you feel and the quicker you notice changes. The more you take class, especially in the beginning, the more conditioned you become to the environment and to the workouts, making you more comfortable and confident.

Take advantage of $20 off our Monthly Membership now. This offer is only for new members. Normally $119, it’s only $99 for unlimited yoga and Hot Pilates classes. There are no contracts or minimum monthly commitments. And the Membership comes with some cool perks including unlimited guest passes and 10% discount on merchandise in The Shoppe.

Take advantage of $20 off you sign up for unlimited classes!

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